Supervised Housing Community Project for Female Migrants
Therapy and Integration in Everyday Life

Who comes to us

Migrant women who are older than 18

  • Who have been traumatized through experiences of torture / persecution / violence / sexual abuse
  • Who, due to their medical history, require gender-specific care and treatment
  • Whose psycho-emotional problems cannot be solved without professional care

We support these women in a Therapeutic Housing Community consisting of a supervised flat-sharing community and supervision in their own flats in Berlin-Mitte.

What we offer

Women who live in the Housing Community are supported according to their individual needs and thereby begin to slowly regain their autonomy in the context of a safe and secure environment.

Our multiprofessional and multicultural team, as well as a permanent carer for each individual woman, provides the following services:

  • Daily structure
  • Free-time structure
  • Joint meals
  • Forming of contacts both within and outside of the Therapeutic Housing Community
  • Assistance in looking for work and training courses
  • Assistance with everyday matters and tasks
  • Assistance during visits to administrative offices and concerning questions of residency rights
  • Support concerning medical questions as well as in family matters
  • Encouragement in learning the German language
  • Issue-specific group sessions
  • Psychotherapeutic group sessions
  • Integrated psychotherapy

In addition to our ongoing services, the women in the Housing Community can take part in various projects such as a garden group, excursions, movement therapy, art therapy and a relaxation course.

Who are we

The women in the Housing Community are cared for and supported by our multiprofessional and multicultural team, made up of psychologists and social workers, and further assisted by interpreters if necessary.


Susanne Höhne • Project Director
Diploma Psychologist
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Tel: +49 (30) 30 39 06 -35