Due to legal reasons regarding registered association regulations, the outsourcing of operative activities of the Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer e.V. into a new legal form has been necessary. The registration of the Zentrum Überleben gGmbH into the commercial registry took place on 21.09.2016.

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Adjustments of the website to the new legal form of the Zentrum is in process. Please pardon that not all content is completely representative of the new structures governing the Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH yet. Should you have any questions please contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. .

N O  O N E  L E A V E S  T H E I R  H O M E,  F A M I L I E S  A N D  F R I E N D S
W I T H O U T   B E I N G  I N  G R E A T  N E E D.

Those people who managed to find their way to Germany from Syria, Chechnya, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and more than 50 other countries fled from torture, militias, bombs, sexual abuse, persecution and hatred.

Each year, approximately 600 survivors of torture war and violence find their way to our treatment center.

Torture leaves deep physical and psychological marks on a person

Those women, children and men who come to us, experienced unbearable pain. They are severely traumatized and suffer greatly from their physical and psychological injuries.

Our treatment center is offering social, medical and psychotherapeutic support. Our patients learn that their symptoms are normal and human reactions to an abnormal and inhuman situation. We support them in learning to live with the after-effects of torture which often is an intensive and lengthy process.

Survivors of torture need a stable environment

Due to deracination, difficult living conditions in exile and often years of an uncertain residential situation, the survivors find it hard to cope with their experiences. For the treatment to take place in a stable environment and for a successful integration into the new exile community, we offer counseling in the asylum process, German and computer courses as well as vocational courses. In addition we support them in their daily routine.

Survivors of torture need your support

Only with your help can we make these comprehensive therapeutic, counseling and educational offers. With your support we will be able to pave their way into a dignified future.

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