Torture as a global phenomenon

In at least 101 countries in the world people are abused or tortured. Only a fraction of these victims are able to escape torture and persecution by fleeing to other countries where they are protected against such human rights violations. Most victims, however, remain trapped in persecutory states and war zones, where they become internally displaced persons, or after years of struggling to escape, find themselves once again in refugee camps.

International Involvement of the Center ÜBERLEBEN

In order to assist victims of torture where they live, and to strengthen the human rights work of partner organizations outside of the European Union, the Center ÜBERLEBEN focuses on international work in the following areas:

  • Support of special rehabilitation centers for victims of violence in North Iraq
  • Long-term cooperation with established treatment centers in Eastern Europe and East Africa
  • Development of online services for Arabic-speaking areas
  • Projects in training and supervision for colleagues working in war affected and crisis areas
  • Scientific research into reconciliation processes as well as documentation of the consequences of torture

Furthermore, as a member of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, the Center ÜBERLEBEN undertakes lobby work to support treatment centers in persecutory states and to prevent torture worldwide.


The Center ÜBERLEBEN cooperates only with organizations that support democracy, equal opportunities and the protection of basic rights. The international legal basis of our work is built on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.