What do you wish for?

Why not answer this question with a call for donations! Forget gifts and help someone who desperately needs your contribution.

You can support the Berlin Center for Torture Victims on the occasion of your birthday, your wedding, the birth of a child, a baptism or an anniversary, just ask your guests to donate instead of bringing a gift.

You can donate individually or give a collected donation. We will then send you a receipt for your donation once received. Or you can directly transfer your donation into our account:

Donation Account 30 88 500
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN DE13100205000003088500

and inform your guests of the codeword for the donation, eg. “Sarah Smith’s Birthday“. You can contact us for a list of the donors about one month after the event. We will send your guests a letter of thanks and a donation receipt.

Business celebrations or Christmas presents for  your clients

You can combine your donation with a business celebration, or make donations on behalf of clients instead of giving presents at Christmas time – contact us if you would like to support torture survivors with a charitable event!

Thank you for your support!

Do you have further questions concerning charity events?

Your contact partner: Dr. Doris Felbinger
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