Every donation helps!

Your 5 € covers the travel costs of a torture survivor to their weekly therapy session.

Your 10 € eases the pain through medication treatment.

Your 20 € grants small wishes for children who have been psychologically and emotionally damaged through war and terror, providing them with audio tapes or plush toys.

Your 80 € help patients to rediscover their own creativity through an afternoon art or garden therapy session.

Your 150 € builds bridges with the help of interpreters, who play a vital part and contribute significantly to the success of the treatment.

Your 300 € gives torture survivors the chance to build a new life far from their homelands by providing for practical household appliances or furniture.

Your 500 € helps to encourage orientation, self-confidence and a sense of achievement by allowing a former child soldier to take part in a group tour.

Your 1000 € helps patients to reduce feelings of fear, anger and uncertainty, by providing torture survivors with one year of music therapy where they can draw on new creative strength.

Your 3000 € frees patients from painful memories and terror they have experienced through one year of extensive psychotherapeutic care.